Japanese Manufacturer of Anti-Marking Systems

Certified by ISO9001 with Japanese Technology.


About Us

Established in 1975, OHDEN Limited is a manufacturer of anti-marking systems for offset printing machines.
We are also a distributor of consumable for pressroom and sundry other items absolutely made in Japan.
We have been exporting our original anti-marking systems to all over the world for many years.
We also supply our anti-marking systems under OEM base according to your request.
Our anti-marking systems are certified by ISO9001 with Japanese technology.

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Why the printers use our anti-marking systems?

Run The Press at Higher Speed w/o Marking & Paperjam

By grace of glass beads which enable to decrease a contact surface, it enables to not only release paper smooth and softly but also improve printing quality without marking and scratch on a printed surface.

Minimize Down Time Due to Cleaning The Press Cylinders

By grace of anti-marking systems on the press cylinders, it prevent depositing ink on the cylinders. It enables to minimize down time due to cleaning the press cylinders.


Our anti-marking systems are conductible, it enables to discharge a printed paper and improve paper alignment on delivery part of the press.

Easy Installation


Anti-Marking Systems - Product Style

Our Anti-marking systems are products which features pure sillicon bead bonded to a polyester backing ( Anti-Marking Film ) or specially treated precision paper backing ( Anti-Marking Paper ).
Our Anti-marking systems provide an extremely effective solution to the problem of marking, which are coated with uniform, microscopic silicon glass bead.